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Syndication solutions for new construction financing

Syndicated loan banking "forces", Tongzhou district, Beijing cracked a single bank loan credit concentration problems. According to CBRC charge in Zhoushan, Tongzhou district, Beijing, initial investment loans for major projects, single bank credit than the proportion supporting unsustainable problems, Zhoushan City, outside the city, a total of 25 banks established 11 syndicated loans, financing amounted to 8.973 billion yuan.
"according to estimates, if each project by a bank independent bearing loan, average each home line needed bearing loan 816 million Yuan, now average each home line only bearing loan 359 million Yuan, both effective cracked has the Bank funds strength of limit, Beijing Tongzhou loan for focus project of investment and construction provides has support, and effective reduced has single Bank of risk exposure, reduced has single line award letter too concentrated of risk. "The official said, seen from the period, 11 in syndicated loans for more than 5 years more than half of the loan term, in line with the initial investment of major project investment, return on loan term, Beijing characteristics. BACK

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