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Small farmer loan interest income exempt from sales tax

the Central Government will continue to increase in the future tax and subsidy policy support, Tongzhou district, Beijing guide social capital to loans returned to "sannong" and small and micro enterprises.

Treasury said average balance of current policies on agriculture-related loans increased by more than 15% county financial institutions, according to the incremental portion of 2% reward bonus 2.09 billion yuan allocated by 2013. In addition, Beijing Tongzhou loans Treasury has also promised to improve the rural financial institutions targeted cost subsidy policy and the implementation of preferential tax policies in rural finance. Orientation fee subsidies in 2014, concluding the policy based on the implementation of the central budget, to refine and perfect the policies, Beijing Tongzhou loans remains singular micro-oriented agriculture small. Until then, until the end of 2013, a total of 987 village banks opened, the loan balance to 363.2 billion yuan, Beijing Tongzhou loans over 80% to "sannong" and small and micro enterprises.

in to rural financial structure tax cuts aspects, Beijing loan Treasury provides, on financial institutions small farmers loan (50,000 yuan following) interest income and insurance company agricultural insurance premium income exemption business tax, and reduction by 90% calculation should tax proceeds amount, Beijing Tongzhou loan on rural credit union, and new rural financial institutions and County domain following corporate of rural cooperation Bank, and Beijing Tongzhou loan rural commercial banks, and continues to implemented 3% of business tax rate.


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