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New Board company, equity loans

learned from ICBC Beijing loans the Bank's recent share transfer system for SMEs in the country-oriented ("new Board") listed medium and small micro-enterprise innovation launched the equity loan business. Beijing Tongzhou loan ban listed can be used, which means that future new equity for collateral from the banks for loans, to small and micro enterprises to provide a new financing channels.

ICBC related head said, new ban equity pledge loan of innovation main in guarantees way Shang, "for non-listed Enterprise for, Beijing loan bank hard on enterprise of equity for valuation, and Dang enterprise in new ban listed Hou, its equity on has has trading value, so will equity as guarantees way, Beijing Tongzhou loan can let some heavy development, and light assets of small micro-enterprise enjoy to bank financing service of convenience. "In terms of risk control, ban listed equity trading, while ICBC new value, but also comprehensive investigation of its operations on the other hand, Tongzhou district, Beijing, loans cash flow and future development potential.


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