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Lever micro-credit industry still have a lower

Small loan company, or will mark the biggest plus. Beijing Tongzhou loan yesterday, reporters from approaching obtained a copy of the members of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission on ask a microfinance company management advice letter (hereinafter called "the administrative policy for comments"). Reporters found, 2008 issued by the CBRC and the guidelines on pilot small-sum loan company (hereinafter "the guidelines") than quietly consulted only by wiping out small loans companies "no more than two banking institutions into the funds", and external financing "shall not exceed 50% of net capital" requirement.
analysts pointed out that external financing limited, Beijing Tongzhou loan no place has long been a small loan company's largest development "bottleneck". If the regulation floor, means that regulators intend to loosen foreign financing channels of small loan company, industry will have opportunities for development.
Central Bank data shows that by the end of March 2014, Beijing Tongzhou loans there are micro-credit company 8,127, while loan balances only 844.4 billion yuan, that is, national loan balance is higher than the paid-up capital is only about 12%, shows that micro-credit industry leverage is controlled at a lower level.
according to the reporter, current refinancing needs of small loan companies in Guangzhou are generally very strong, but the Bank financing is not always easy. According to industry sources, currently in Guangzhou area 57 small loan companies, Beijing Tongzhou loan can obtain bank financing of not more than 20. BACK

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