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Increased demand for three-month loans

On Monday (May 5) released commercial lending survey report, loans in Beijing shows "over the past three months, United States banks to relax the terms of the commercial loan. In addition, the data also showed United States demand for commercial lending increased, continuing the upward trend of the past few quarters loans. "
in the quarterly survey of senior loan Manager, Beijing loans" in the past three months demand for business and commercial real estate loans increased, Beijing lending banks also eased conditions for the two types of loans. "
to 74 in United States banks and 23 foreign banks ' senior loan Manager for the survey, the Fed said that" banks to relax lending standards on consumer credit cards and car loans, Beijing non-traditional closed-end mortgage loans but had tightened lending standards. "
in addition, the Fed said," compared with the last survey, decreased loan demand for various types of residential real estate loans in Beijing, while the demand for credit cards and auto loans are in a State of growth. ”

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