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Export of micro-enterprise credit without collateral loans

export-oriented micro-enterprise Bank is the biggest problem there is no asset mortgage, Beijing does not now your good credit in the stock of loans without collateral to borrow money. Alibaba yesterday with Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, and peace, and postal savings, Bank of Shanghai, 7 banks such as industrial bank reached a cooperation, in order to do import and export business of small and micro (small) business, provides Web based business credit unsecured loans plan-NET Advanced Edition, 8%, Beijing does not guard the loan minimum lending rates, maximum credit line of up to 10 million Yuan.

according to reports, the companies get loans with export data-bound together, through Alibaba up foreign trade integrated service platform (Web site) do export business enterprise, each exported US $ 1 will be given 1 million loan. Not the stock of credit is based on the foreign trade enterprise in Beijing in a recent 6-month cumulative export data on Octopus platform, within 6 months of cooperation with 3 single, exports more than $ 100,000 and can gain eligibility.


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