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CITIC Bank personal loans may "borrow"

on May 14, the CITIC Bank Beijing Wanda Plaza branch of one of its small business customers through personal Internet banking, Tongzhou district, Beijing successfully achieved 300,000 yuan of loans business loans cash and payment operations. This business practice is "borrowed" feature was first landed in China CITIC Bank, means CITIC Bank personal loan product functionality has made a new breakthrough.

"borrow" refers to borrowers within the CITIC Bank personal loans, Beijing Tongzhou loans through Internet banking, POS, ATM and other self-service channels at any time for withdrawal or repayment of personal loans business. Loan term up to six months, carries a fixed interest rate, according to the daily interest. "Borrow" withdrawals, repayments at any time, at any time by daily interest, Tongzhou district, Beijing loan characteristics of recycled, compared with other payment draw operations more convenient, more flexible. This feature opens can reduce the customer and the Bank's human occupation, Tongzhou district, Beijing, loans to reduce operational costs, improve operational efficiency, in particular small and micro clients "short and nasty" cash flow needs.

"borrowed" feature is the Head Office of CITIC Bank's new innovative product features, is currently a new thing. Selects the row based good small business development as an operational pilot in Beijing area. On the day of trial run Beijing Tongzhou loans through online banking customers realize the smooth single 300,000 personal loan self withdrawal and automated payments. Beijing Tongzhou loans who are invited to participate in the customer experience for the first time on the function evaluation is good, think flexible operation, and will often use according to business needs, "borrowed" feature.


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