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Beijing mortgages less of a large loose

the big four banks in the Shanghai area mortgage rates has been 95 percent. Beijing Tongzhou loan, "according to the authoritative data at our disposal, the big four banks in Shanghai recently issued by the new first mortgage average priced between 6% and 6.2%, are less than 95 percent, the difference is only the agricultural Bank of China issued a document and was reported by the media. "

However, the mortgage market in Beijing, Tongzhou, Beijing loans currently there has been no large-scale loosening. Beijing morning news reporter yesterday asked several banks such as ICBC, construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, said first mortgage policy is no change at present. Beijing Tongzhou loan, reporters found that implementation minimum baseline of the mortgage policy of banks still account for the majority.

this year, Beijing's first mortgage discount has all but disappeared. Beijing Tongzhou loans in February, Tongzhou district, Beijing, individual banks will still be the lowest loan rates rise to 1.05 times times the benchmark interest rate, loan becomes difficult.


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