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Beijing credit market transactions fell 10%

&Nbsp;      5 loan transaction volume fell 10% months Beijing, Beijing does not stock of loans in the Bank continued tightening of credit conditions, demand in the housing market still depressed, and business loans are in a downward trend in overall trading volume slightly upward momentum. Dipping 10%
mortgage market, buyers wait-and-see sentiment strong
in May this year the mortgage market's turnover fell from the previous month to 10%, and the decline in trading volume in the market and the bank interest rate tightening and buyers a strong wait-and-see mood is not unrelated. Pointed out that Beijing is not the stock of loans, Beijing does not stock of loans while the Central Bank May release stimulus "needed" crowd into the market of good news, however at this stage the banks in the first suite of interest rates have not been significantly loosened. This higher entry pressure directly to the purchaser, strong wait-and-see mood in the market to ease in the short term, Beijing does not stock of loans the primary factor for this is the decline in trading volume in the market. BACK

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