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Basic living expenses increase the loan amount reduces

&Nbsp;      at present, the Provident Fund loan maximum amount to 800,000 yuan in Beijing, each loan amount determined according to the borrower's monthly income and other factors.
last April, Tongzhou district, Beijing launched Provident Fund loan deal, Provident Fund lending criteria were adjusted. New deal proposed, according to the monthly income of loan applicants to determine the loan amount. Loan applicants once the loan is repaid monthly, keep per capita living expenses shall not be less than the basic living standard of Beijing. However, applicants buying affordable houses for low-income borrowing, loans are not subject to income limits.
the new deal enacted last year, basic living standard according to the data released by the Department, not less than 980 Yuan per month. If the loan applicant is single, keep the cost of living at least 980 Yuan a month; loan applicant is married, keep the cost of living every month at least 1960. This ratio had increased by almost 1 time.
you want to preserve the basic cost of living is higher, in the case of payment amount does not change, Tongzhou district, meaning that you can not stock loan amount will be reduced accordingly.
the new policy introduced last year also suggested that will in time according to changes in basic living standards, Beijing adjusted loan applicants a month to keep the cost of living.

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