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Banks squeezing lending

in order to control rising bad loans, not the stock of loans in the first quarter National Bank started to scale back lending to coal prices. "The coal industry losses, banks at this point compression of credit, for coal enterprise management burden will undoubtedly. "The futures daily journalists said.

coal enterprises in Shanxi province also confirmed the news to reporters. Not the stock of loans was introduced, Shanxi coal Enterprise capital chain generally tense, especially this year. Lines of bank loans to the State-owned coal enterprises begin to compress. "Banks large and credit lines of higher coal prices to keep lending in previous years, not the stock of loans for SMEs and large enterprises with poor sales the compression of credit. "The official said.

according to the aforementioned person introduced last year, banks are no longer accepting new financing program for coal production enterprises. Early coal production enterprises of larger investments, current capacity has been able to meet the basic needs of enterprises, not stock loan coal prices are the biggest problems facing coal sales.


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