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Banking Board notice to prevent consumer credit purchase

Personal consumer loans, often known as consumer credit Beijing, loans granted by the Bank to the borrower for consumption specified purpose loans. Uses include home improvement, buy cars and other large consumer goods, tourism, education and other personal spending.
    bigger loan amount term longer, obviously does not match with the daily consumption of property, loans makes loans in Beijing were diverted to the stock market investments, purchase of housing, production and management, and so on.
    a notice that, should invest more in improving people's livelihood, daily consumption, such as loans, shall not be used to purchase non-consumption, investment and other areas. Shall not use personal housing mortgage loan and personal loan personal portfolio of loans that are bundled and, after providing down payment for mortgage financing needs.
    because of lax regulation, consumer credit diverted to mortgage was extensive. Loan one industry source in Beijing revealed that nearly half of Beijing's second home loans are consumer items, some intermediaries will help home buyers make consumer loans into mortgage. For example, when the community is in the purchase of second homes, up loan 40%, Beijing loan if you want to make more loans, can handle "4+3" business, the commercial mortgage 40% mortgage loan 30%, Beijing loan which can at the same time loans. Agency usually and decoration companies "colluding" contract ready materials out of consumer credit from the Bank and then used elsewhere. The source also disclosed that Beijing loan market deserted this year, gradually tightening consumer credit with a certain degree of relationship. BACK

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