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Bank of propaganda supporting the home suite loan

      on May 13, the Central Bank summoned 15 commercial banks to participate in seminars, Beijing does not stock loan requires that the current difference of housing credit policies, prioritizes first home loan needs, and require reasonable first interest rates. Beijing does not guard the loan requirements there are two main points of the Central Bank, is to meet the first requirement, improve the efficiency of approval and the issuance of two interest rates by commercial banks themselves.

on the Central Bank's "propaganda" under the effect of Chongqing commercial bank also showed a positive response. Chongqing, Central Bank sales department data showed May personal medium and long-term loan balance is 409.508 billion yuan, increased 8.186 billion yuan for the month. "Compared with the same period last year, mortgage volume of 1.11 billion yuan, but is already high this year. "Bank of credit said, Beijing does not stock of loans compared to March, almost 80%. Compared with April, mortgage volume has increased by nearly 1 billion.

this year, the commercial bank loans have been in "inadequate" State. Reporters found January mortgage only 5.601 billion yuan in Chongqing February mortgage only 4.561 billion yuan, Beijing does not March the stock of loans was 5.748 billion yuan.


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